Benefits of Recycling

Recycling Can Work for Your Business

As San Antonio grows, more emphasis will be placed on sustainability. The number of citizens that care about corporate social responsibility will increase – local residents who could become your customers. Getting certified is a competitive advantage and another way to grow your business.

A Billion Dollar Industry

Recycling drives a circular economy. When recycled materials are used in manufacturing they transform into new products without consuming more natural resources. Your business can help make recyclables more valuable by buying products made from recycle materials.

This practice is another way to earn points toward certification.

Purchasing recyclables is only one aspect of practicing sustainable consumption. See other ways.

Today’s workforce seeks out businesses that prioritize environmental issues

Attracting and retaining top talent can be the competitive advantage a company needs in today’s business climate. The next generation of industry professionals are out there with innovative ideas, a mastery of technology and a fresh approach. But they have conditions.

According to the Deloitte 2020 Millennial Survey, millennials and Generation Z list environmental concerns as one of their top three worries. This young, savvy and talented age group often makes life choices dependent on the perceived ethical implications.



Recruitment and finding the right candidates is expensive. However, ReWorksSA is a no- cost way to compel new talent to join your business by addressing their environmental priorities. They will seek your company out and select it over other offers.

Establishing employee-led ‘Green Teams’ is an excellent employee engagement strategy. It creates ownership and collaboration. More information on this is in our certification guide.

Here in San Antonio

Currently, only a fraction of businesses in San Antonio have recycling programs yet research shows that, overall, San Antonio residents value a company’s environmental record when purchasing products and services (Esri, 2017). More than half of San Antonians have used or purchased recycled products in the past year and will pay more for environmentally safe products.


Source: American Community Survey (ACS), Esri, Esri and Infogroup


What’s more, San Antonio is a young city whose residents have increasing purchasing power (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017). Businesses that make their recycling practices visible to customers will have a competitive advantage in the San Antonio market because they are making a public commitment to sustainability.

Working directly with stakeholders in the local business community, we created a series of tools and programs to make recycling work for you. ReWorksSA is committed to empowering our local businesses to implement cost effective recycling programs that appeal to employees and customers.


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