The Process is Simple. The Rewards are Awesome.

The certification process evaluates the number of programs and policies a business has in the areas of recycling, energy conservation, water conservation, travel & transportation and a reduction in multiple types of consumption. Points are awarded for both the number and the effectiveness of the best practices. We know that most businesses start small. If a recycling program is all that you can currently focus on, you can still get certified.

Create an account on our portal and review the best practices that are available. Select the ones that apply to you and submit. We will conduct an initial assessment with you – we may find things that you missed! We will also share the types of documentation that will be required. When you are ready, submit a formal application for certification. We will do a site inspection at your location and begin scoring points for all your sustainability programs.

Certifications are valid for two years and then you may request to be recertified. The levels are Gold, Silver, Bronze and the highest achievement is the Pinnacle Award.

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Download the Certification Guide to learn more about the certification process.

Recycling Certification: Business Guide