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Published on Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Zero Emissions Day

Zero Emissions Day (also known as ZeDay)

Event date: 9/21/2021 Export event

Zero Emissions Day (also known as ZeDay) is observed by people is several countries across the globe. According to ZeDay is the brainchild of Ken Wallace of Halifax-based graphic design firm Sealevel Special Projects. Ken was walking down the street with his baby, when he noticed the nasty polluting traffic, and idling vehicles, then he was struck by the thought of how beneficial it would be to stop all of it, if only for a short time. he shared this idea with others, however it was 20 some years later in March 21, 2008 that Sealevel launched a website calling for September 21 to be a day for a global refrain for fossil fuel consumption. The purpose to the day is to give our planet one day off a year. According to, the date was chosen partly because it is the autumnal equinox and days and nights are of equal length, and partly because it is the united Nations' International Day of Peace.

Here are a few ZeDay simple guidelines to consider doing on Sept 21st:

  • Don't use or burn gas, oil or coal.
  • Minimize, or eliminate, your use of electricity generated by fossil fuels.
  • Keep in mind life and safety first; all essential and emergency services operate normally.
  • Plan your day ahead of time, and find ways to do your best to have fun, enjoy, and work with others  to observe Zero Emissions Day.
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Author: Felicia Madison (SWMD)

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