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The resources you will find on this page are designed to help you design a recycling program and learn more about recycling in general. Did I mention the free recycling containers? Follow the links below to learn more.

Design Elements

Key Program Design Elements

The most successful recycling programs have at their foundation three major elements. Your recycling program should be convenient, employee designed, and management supported. Learn how to incorporate these to improve an existing program or successfully start a new one.

Industry Specific Tips

Industry Specific Tips

Hotels are not banks and schools are not hardware stores. You can find here what is typically in your industry’s waste stream, common recycling solutions, specific challenges and proven solutions.

Container Assistance

Container Assistance Program

Starting a recycling program almost always means adding more containers. Let us help you out with no-cost recycling and organics bins. Learn more about this program and submit a request for containers here.

Recycling Terms

Recycling Terms

What is a baler? Is that item compostable or bio-degradable? Are you contaminating without knowing it? Let us help you get more comfortable with the technical language of recycling.

Helpful Links

Helpful Links

Many non-profit and government organizations have created innovative programs to help their communities, their economies and the environment. We can learn more from their successes about effective reduce, reuse and recycle strategies.


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