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Containers Assistance & Education Program

Startup costs are one of the significant obstacles in recycling and organics recovery. ReWorksSA offers indoor recycling and organics containers, educational materials, and technical guidance to help local small and midsize businesses start a recycling and organics program.

To be eligible to receive containers, you should be located within the limits of the City of San Antonio.

After submitting the form, you can expect a follow up call from our team within 2 weeks. We will be asking for more information regarding:

  • your hauler and dumpster sizes
  • your custodial company
  • waste services you may share with other businesses at your location
*Organization Information


*Containers Requested
Container Type Lid Size (gal.) Requested
7 gal. Recycling Bin Recycling No 7
23 gal. Recycling Bin Recycling Yes 23
23 gal. Organics Bin Organics Yes 23
32 gal. Organics Bin Organics No 32
44 gal. Organics Bin Organics No 44
Recycling Practices

What are the three most abundant materials in your organization's waste stream?

Example: beverage containers, cardboard and plastic bottles are the most common waste materials found in a restaurant.

Example: Default double-sided printing to reduce the amount of total paper used. Using a baler to compact the total volume of cardboard. Incentivizing reusable bags by offering discounts to customers.

Although applying for the ReWorksSA Certification is not required, it is highly encouraged.

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Container Provided by ReWorksSA, a Division of Solid Waste Management

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For more information about reducing your top three wastes:


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