Environmental Purchasing Policies

The demand for recycled materials increases when consumers consistently purchase environmentally preferable products. When local businesses intentionally buy products made from recycled content and then enact policies to enforce those purchasing standards, they contribute to keeping the recycling industry and process sustainable here in San Antonio.

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Environmentally preferable or sustainable purchasing is generally defined as the purchasing of goods that have a reduced negative impact or an increased positive effect on the environment when compared with competing products that serve the same purpose.

The purpose of an EPP is to provide clear and consistent instructions to employees on how to consider and purchase environmentally friendly products.

An EPP helps to engrain the culture of sustainable practices in the workplace. Policies and procedures inform employees about stewardship in their organization.

  • Provides a market for environmentally preferable products.
  • Encourages industries to produce technologies and products that are environmentally sustainable.
  • Improves the viability of recycling and “closes the loop” on the recycling circular economy.
  • Provides two points on the ReWorksSA recycling certification application.

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