Recycling Terms

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A machine that compacts and binds waste materials, usually into rectangular bales. Balers compact newspaper, plastics, and corrugated cardboard.

The product resulting from the decomposition of organic materials such as food scraps and yard waste. Compost is a soil conditioner and fertilizer.

Non-recyclable material mixed in with clean recyclables. (Wet paper, partially full bottles etc.)

A measure of the amount of waste diverted from the solid waste stream, either through recycling or through composting.

A commercial waste disposal/recycling company.

Derived from living organisms. (Animals, Plants, Trees)

Adjusting waste collection services to match the amount and types of waste produced.

Recyclables are collected together in one bin.

Large amounts of a single recyclable material is separated from other recyclable materials and baled or handled separately. (Cardboard, metal scrap, etc.)

A brand name for a wheeled container used for storing and automated pick-up of garbage/organics/recyclables. Usage is similar to Xerox for copies.

Reviewing business practices to find ways to generate less waste and remove recyclable materials from the waste stream.

An inventory of the amount and type of solid waste produced at a specific location.

All waste generated in an area or a facility.


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